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in-depth view and how-to’s on a specific aspect of synthesizers – and I’m just learning myself :)

Behind-the-scenes – Roland MX-1 setup, Ableton Push, Connections + more!

Behind the scenes setup of a recent Live Jam video (link below) that goes over the gear connections, Ableton live (DAW) and the main mixer (Roland MX-1) setup.

** THIS VIDEO COVERS A LOT OF GROUND ** – so you’ll expect it to be longer than usual. Some of the areas are:

* AIRA Host – USB connections
* Audio connections to the MX-1 mixer
* Sends and FX returns (AUX) connections with Strymon Big Sky
* Ableton Push setup
* Ableton Live sequencing and linking to live mixer
* Roland MX-1 Performance mode (PC input)
* Syncing gear together with master clock

Stay subscribed for the next part of this series which will go over the individual synthesizers, drum machines and samplers.

Live jam video link:

Link to diagram:

Behind the scenes diagram
Behind the scenes – diagram

Roland GAIA SH-01 Key Replacement

Hope you guys find this interesting. I purchased the GAIA at a Pawn Shop – and it had these horrible painted orange “C” keys. I knew if I was to get it, it would have to be a significant discount, and I would be doing the job of fixing these keys at some stage. I decided to order new keys after trying many chemical methods to remove the paint. It wasn’t too pricey – actually probably cheaper than all the chemicals I purchased.

Anyway, let me know in the comments (on YouTube) and don’t forget to click like – always helps with the searches and my channel.

Breathy flute sound from War of The Worlds (Jeff Wayne)

I’m trying to make that breathy flute sound from War of The Worlds by Jeff Wayne.

So far I’ve played around with a Bass Station 2 to get the sound:

Osc 1: Sine Wave 4′
Osc 2: Sine Wave 8′
Noise: about 1/4 on
No Sub Osc

Filter about 60%

LFO Triangle about 3
Set Aftertouch to LFO Pitch about 3
Set Mod wheel to nearly bottom (off)

Set glide as required

use Mod wheel to get that vibrato when you hold the note

The problem I’m getting is the breathy sound isn’t good at all (Noise side) and I can’t seem to get the 2 Oscillators set to the right pitch. I’ve tried using a second synth via MIDI (Arturia Minibrute) with just Noise and playing with the envelopes on the filter and amp to get more of a reaction – but the noise sound is crap.


I’ve managed to get it sounding a bit closer by using the second Analog synth (Minibrute) and playing with the BP filter on the BS2. Here’s a sample: