Gear list:

Moog Sub 37

Ableton Live – everything else ITB (used VSTs: Arturia CS-80V, Roland Promars, NI Massive & Kontakt 5, GForce String Machine, Xils-Lab PolyKBII and the rest are samples from my own library)

A live jam in October

Live unedited performance – audio straight into the camera

Roland gear:

  • MX-1
  • TR-8
  • System-1
  • TB-3
  • JU-06

Korg gear:

  • Minilogue
  • Electribe ER-1

Other gear:

  • Elektron Analog Four
  • Waldorf Streichfett
  • Strymon BigSky
  • EHX Small Stone

Please let me know if you enjoyed it, would also appreciate subs + likes on the youtube channel if you can thanks