Ranzee Modular Setup


Information about my Eurorack modular synthesizer setup.

I currently have 4 rack cases:

  1. Arturia Rackbrute 6U #1: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1402582
  2. Arturia Rackbrute 6U #2: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1439374
  3. Behringer GO: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1250523
  4. NiftyCase: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1439376

I am currently in the process of building a custom case. More information to come.

For special live show I often share the following build case where a subscriber can suggest a case configuration using my modules (listed further below):


List of modules:

1003BehringerEG Dual Envelope Generator2500 Series
1005BehringerRing Modulator and VCA2500 Series
1006BehringerVCF 24db Low Pass Filter and VCA2500 Series
1033 BehringerEG Dual Envelope Generator with Gate2500 Series
106 ChorusFeedbackJuno 106 ChorusUses MN3009 BBD Chip
904ABehringerVCF Low Pass Filter 24dbMoog Series
A-160-2DoepferClock/Trigger DividerSeries II
ADDAC207ADDAC SystemQuantizer (Quad)
ALM012ALMSID Guts DeluxeC64 SID Chip installed
ALM017ALMPamela’s New WorkoutAdvanced clock module, has expander
ALM017-EXALMPEXP-2 expander for PAMS
ARP2HPArpeggiatorGate driven
BatumiXaoc DevicesLFO (4 x LFOs)has Poti expander
Continuum Phaser IIFrequency Central4 Stage analog Phaserwith odd/even control
Drum2Erica SynthsDigital percussion sound generator8 algorithms
DrumsErica SynthsDigital sample drum module64 samples 2 outputs
DystopiaDreadboxNoise crush filterbit noise and stuff
ES-5 Mk3Expert SleepersExpander for ES-8
ES-8Expert SleepersUSB Audio InterfaceDC Coupled
FH-2Expert SleepersMIDI/CV interfaceFactotum
MagnetoStrymonDigital tape FX
MathsMake NoiseAnalog EG and Attenuator 4 channels
MetropolisIntellijelRYK-185 sequencer
Planar2IntellijelRecordable XY vector CV mixerrouter
PotiXaoc DevicesExpander for Batumi
QuadigyKlavisEG 4 x EG programmable
RanzoonCalsynthMutable Instruments Rings clonewith extra controls
ScooperRolandScatter FXwith USB to MX-1
System 100 110BehringerVCO/VCF/VCA synthsynth in a module
System 100 112BehringerDual VCOalso have a 2nd with faulty tuning
System 100 121BehringerDual VCF
System 100 130BehringerDual VCA
System 100 140BehringerDual EG and LFO
System 100 150BehringerRing mod, sample & hold, noise & LFO
System 100 172BehringerPhase shifter, audio delay, gate, LFO
System 100 173BehringerQuad Gate, Patch bayPassive mults
System 100 182BehringerAnalog sequencer
System 100 297BehringerDual Portamento, CV MixerCV tools
System 100 305Behringer4 channel Mixer, EQ and tools
System XFrequency CentralSystem 100m EGwith Fast/Slow
System 500 505RolandVCF from SH-5
System 500 512RolandDual VCO
System 500 521RolandDual VCF
System 500 530RolandDual VCA
System 500 531Roland6 Channel mixer
System 500 540RolandDual EG LFO
System 500 555RolandLag, Sample & Hold, LFO, Portamento
System 500 572RolandPhase shifter, analog delay, gate delaynoisey
TyphoonCalsynthMutable Instruments Clouds clonewith extra controls
Varigate 8+Malekko Heavy Industry8 channel gate and CV sequencer
Voltage BlockMalekko Heavy Industry8 channel CV sequencer 16 stage
current as at 16-Jun-2021