Arturia KeyStep firmware 1.1 walkthrough

The new Keystep firmware version 1.1 from Arturia – walking through all the features and enhancements.

Video contents:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:23 New firmware 1.1 feature summary
  • 02:00 Firmware update procedure (Windows 10)
  • 04:06 New Brownian arpeggiator feature
  • 08:03 New sequencer features
  • 11:02 New tempo BPM control features
  • 14:57 New armed clock behaviour
  • 15:50 New LED light controls

Feature summary:
► New sequence length controls Rapidly change your sequence length with new MIDI Channel shortcut controls.
► New “Armed” clock behavior Change the way KeyStep responds when it receives incoming clock signals.
► Updated tempo quantizing behavior New Shift functionality lets you quickly adjust your tempo, quantized to 1 BPM.
► Updated Arpeggiator octave behavior Using Shift and Oct +/- in the Arpeggiator mode lets you switch octaves on the fly.
► New randomness options 2 new randomness modes added, Pattern and Brownian, for ultimate creative chaos.
► New MIDI Control Center options Change the LED brightness, and control all the new features with ease.

Update your firmware via the MIDI Control Center software (as shown in video).

MIDIPal MIDI clock monitor algorithm: