Behind-the-scenes – Roland MX-1 setup, Ableton Push, Connections + more!

Behind the scenes setup of a recent Live Jam video (link below) that goes over the gear connections, Ableton live (DAW) and the main mixer (Roland MX-1) setup.

** THIS VIDEO COVERS A LOT OF GROUND ** – so you’ll expect it to be longer than usual. Some of the areas are:

* AIRA Host – USB connections
* Audio connections to the MX-1 mixer
* Sends and FX returns (AUX) connections with Strymon Big Sky
* Ableton Push setup
* Ableton Live sequencing and linking to live mixer
* Roland MX-1 Performance mode (PC input)
* Syncing gear together with master clock

Stay subscribed for the next part of this series which will go over the individual synthesizers, drum machines and samplers.

Live jam video link:

Link to diagram:

Behind the scenes diagram
Behind the scenes – diagram