Chiptunes – Commodore 64 favorite Commando – recreated on a Roland A-01 Botique synthesizer

I’ve been using the C64 since way back in the early 80s. I can’t escape it – but the music has influenced me – and today I still find myself reaching for that Square Wave or using a stack of PWM!

In this vid – I’ve gone and recreated the famous Commando tune by Rob Hubbard (I’m not worthy!!!) – and I’ve decided to use a Roland A-01 Synthesizer. Why? Because it is actually an 8-Bit synth!

I wanted it to sound similar – but if I just used a SID – it would have ended up exactly the same 🙂

So if you’re interested go check out the vid – there’s a link in the video description to the full track over on my soundcloud page too 🙂

Enjoy folks!