Elektron Digitakt II

The new Elektron Digitakt II has been leaked and it looks to boast a few improvements. The new Digitakt II has 400 MB of internal sample memory. This is over 6 times larger than version I with only 64 MB. On top of this there’s also a massive 20 GB of internal storage. The other big improvement is that there is now 16 tracks of audio and MIDI. This increase is double from the predecessor. On top of this each audio track can include stereo (or mono) samples.

Comparing the I vs II

Front panel

New buttons:
KB Setup button (under the Func button)
FX & MOD buttons (instead of LFO)
SONG instead of BANK
Perform instead of Imp/Exp

Sequence lights are 2 rows of 4 instead of 1 and there are no numbers printed on them.

Looks to be back to the blue/gray colour instead of orange. No visible change to screen size or resolution. It is possible they’ve squashed more information onto the screen.

Underneath text changes:
No text underneath 16 buttons except for Track/Mute
Perform instead of Imp/Exp
Mute Mode instead of Chromatic
Bank instead of Metronome
Song Edit instead of Mute Mode
Samples instead of Direct
Save instead of Save Ptn
Reload instead of Reload Ptn
Ring/Oct+ instead of Trig Mode

Labeling on the top to indicate I/O ports on rear:
L — Out –R instead of Left & Right
L — In — R instead of Input L & Input R
MIDI Out removed Sync A
MIDI Thru removed Sync B

Elektron logo simplified to the small “E” graphic

Removed “8 voice …” on the screen.