Korg KR-11 – Sack the drummer!

A new compact rhythm box from Korg. The KR-11 offers 126 patterns and 252 fills. It has two pedal controls and runs on battery or DC power.

The main selection knob lets you choose 9 rhythm modes plus a metronome and a user mode. Each genre has 14 variations for a total of 126 distinct patterns. The user mode lets you save up to 14 unique patterns.

There are 16 velocity sensitive pads which trigger sounds – with two fill pads. There’s also an inbuilt speaker with Acoustage Bass* technology, plus a headphone/line-out jack for external audio output.

*Acoustage sound technology virtually enhances the bass range, allowing for a mellow bass experience.

Price: $110 USD

Link: https://www.korg.com/au/products/drums/kr_11/