Retrokits – Gerrit Dijkstra

We are joined by special guest Gerrit Dijkstra from Retrokits. Here to talk about their cool gadgets and answer your questions … live! #retrokits Retrokits are a music technology company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Established in 2017, they make a range of compact clever devices around the MIDI and connectivity side of the music world. They provide smart interfaces to other manufacturer’s devices and enable our musical experience more extensible.

Video contents:

  • 0:00 Pre Show
  • 15:00 Introductions
  • 20:00 Funny Side
  • 25:00 News from the Geekery
  • 26:00 RK006
  • 30:00 RK002
  • 35:00 Price Watch
  • 40:00 Retrokits Q&A + more

Video chatties:

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