Make Noise Spectraphon

The Spectraphon is a new digital dual spectral oscillator which is made with collaboration with Tom Erbe of SoundHack. It uses real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to make new sounds from what already exist.

So what exactly does that mean?

The 34 HP module includes a new digital platform which offers a better DSP and provides more I/O at higher resolutions, lower noise floor and better access.

Looking at the module, you ca see it duplicates side A (left) and side B (right). These are essentially the oscillators. They oscillate in one of two ways: Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM) or Spectral Array Oscillation (SAO).

Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM)

In SAM, instead of oscillating all the time (like an analog VCO) – sound at the input is used to modulate the amplitude of a set of harmonics. This can be sequenced and modulated like any analog VCO. These specturms can be used to create arrays in SAO later.

Spectral Array Oscillation (SAO)

Any spectrum create in SAM can be used to create an Array later for use in SAO mode. In SAO mode, the Spectraphon oscillates all the time, with the spectrum from the Odd and Even harmonic outputs being drawn from the stored Arrays.

Slide and Focus

The Slide and Focus controls are mode-dependent. In SAM: they determine how the Spectraphon responds to sound at the input for the Spectral AM. In SAO: they are used to modulate the Array.


In either mode (SAM or SAO) – the Partials control works as a combine amplitude and timbre gate for the Odd and Even harmonic output. The FM Bus will create a high definition internal frequency modulation from the opposing side of the Spectraphon. The two sides can interact via the internal FM Bus, the Follow and Sync modes, and by patching them together.


  • Dual digital VCO with 8 simultaneous outputs, 2 audio inputs, 2 gate inputs and 10 CV inputs
  • Make Noise new digital hardware platform for powerful DSP
  • Coded by Tom Erbe of SoundHack
  • Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM)
  • Spectral Array Oscillation (SAO)
  • Each VCO operates independently, SAO or SAM, or in any combination
  • High Definition FM Bus with Harmonic Ratios via Tuning Beacon
  • Sub-Oscillator/CV Outputs with 2 unique shapes, envelope follower or clockable mod sources
  • Follow and sync operations on Side B
  • 34 HP, 36mm depth (inc power cable), 230mA @ +12V and 55 mA @ -12V

Price: $599 (MSRP)


Modular Grid: