Novation Bass Station II firmware 4.14 – AFX mode

A quick run through the new firmware 4.14 for Bass Station II. This is a massive update and best of all it is free! I thought the last firmware update was huge – this is even bigger!

Here’s the new features:

► AFX mode – multi patch overlay tables
► Extended sub oscillator tuning – essentially a 3rd oscillator now
► Fixed duration sustain envelopes
► Envelope retriggering count
► Glide divergence

Firmware user guide:

After installing it & doing the video. Here are a couple of thoughts:

1. The sub oscillator tuning effectively makes this a 3 oscillator analog mono synth

2. The AFX mode is essentially turning this synth into a fully featured drum machine – on roids

3. The envelope retrigger count gives us huge percussive timbre possibilities …

So yeah – This is my quick and dirty look at the firmware update – only hours after it was released. We all now need to go and play with this amazing synth and let it all sink in what they’ve just given us!!! Seriously awesome stuff Novation!