Sequencer Jam No. 1 2024

Sequencer Jam: Gear list … Behringer System 100m modules: 110 (x2), 182 Sequencer, Behringer 2500 modules: 1004 Oscillator (x2), 1006 FiltAmp, 1033 Dual EG, Feedback Modules: Mix BX, Mix CR, 106 Chorus, Intellijel: Metropolis, Planar2, Sealegs, ALM Pamela‚Äôs New Workout, Melekko Varigate 8+, Voltage Block, Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, Strymon Magneto, Happy Nerding FX Aid, Erica Synths Black BBD, Roland System 500 modules: 521 Dual VCF, 530 Dual VCA, 540 Dual EG, Expert Sleepers ES-8, FH-2, 2HP Tune, Klavis Quadigy, Mordax Data, Roland SE-02, MX-1, TR-8, Ableton Live Suite 11 – including the following VSTs: Arturia Vocoder V, Cable Guys Shaper Box 2. Recorded audio through RME Digiface, Roland MX-1 and Presonus Studio 192. Oh, and there’s also the Waldorf Streichfett going through the Orion from WMD, and the Novation Peak … phew!