Strumpa (ambient music) – Fender, Ovation, Roland GR-55, MicroBRUTE

This track was recorded about 5 years ago and was only released on the album Resolution in 2018. I’ve never shared it on my YouTube channel before but it may have been in a few videos as background music. It is adventures in acoustic guitar and a delay. Also features my new Fender guitar. This edit has reduced the beat to 1/8 from 1/16 (in original take).

Gear/instruments used:
► Ovation Acoustic Guitar
► Fender strat
► Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
► Arturia Microbrute
► Korg M3 (Piano and percussion sounds)
► Roland TR-8 (main drums)
► Waldorf Streichfett
► Some VSTs (Synthix and CS-80V) Video is a mix of the microbrute, the Ovation and Fender guitars.

Link to purchase this track :