Support me on Patreon

I have launched my Patreon site (some time ago now). Head on over there and pledge your support to help me out with the costs that I have to keep this going. The first Patreon to subscribe will get a special gift from me. Patreon members will see the following benefits:

  • For those who want to give me thanks for helping them over the years – it’s a good way to show your support.
  • There’s an option to participate in the Q&A live stream that will be commencing in September
  • You’ll get access to videos prior to release on YouTube, plus downloads, guides, files: MIDI, stems & samples – also some projects, plus out-takes and extra videos.

Some of the ongoing expenses that I have include:

  • Web hosting for this site
  • Roland cloud subscription
  • Distrokid subscription
  • Soundcloud subscription
  • Towards the huge cost of gear (synths, audio and camera equipment)
  • Software subscriptions (Adobe, Ableton, VSTs and plugins)