Synth Geekery 237

In episode 237 we talked about various synth topics! Plus all the usual segments! Funny Side, News from the Geekery, Price Watch, Name that Synth …

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About the Synth Geekery Show

Synth Geekery is a weekly podcast/live stream (YouTube) show about everything synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, sequencers, eurorack and music technology. We take the “one of the masses” viewpoint, where we are also users of gear just like you (read: we’re not influenced by commercial product placement).

The show relies on the generous contributions of the synth community. You can contribute in many ways including supporting us via our YouTube Channel Membership or Patreon. We also have regular and special video guests: if you would like to take part in future shows – please contact me via email on the about page here.

Your Host

Ranzee (Ranz Adamson) is your show host. He’s based in Perth, Western Australia and has been a hobbyist musician and technologist for most of his life. More information can be found about him here.




This week’s video guests are:

Daren T. Housse

Bandcamp Link:


Daren resides in the UK and is one of the first video guests on the show since 2019. He has a large amount of tracks on his youtube channel plus a great album collection over on BandCamp.


Andy is a musician and technologist from the bay area in California. He has an amazing collection of music tech gadgets and a large knowledge of synthesizers.


Ian J. Cole

Ian is a musician, composer, sound designer and producer currently producing solo ambient electronic music. He also runs Sinners Music which is a Record Company and Online Music Retailer in East Yorkshire, England


Chris – Maikshifter

Chris is a musician and technologist from Perth, Western Australia. He’s always had a love for creating and tinkering with music electronics and has recently embarked on a new journey creating eurorack modules.


Video replay

Funny Side

The funny side segment is a collection of memes that are somewhat relevant to the synth geekery community. Some of these images are taken from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sources. Please respect the creators. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection:


Future Sound Systems MTX9

81 Pin Point Matrix Module

The MTX9 presents a new take on an old classic – the pin matrix, famously incorporated into EMS and Maplin synthesizer designs. The MTX9 provides 9 inputs and 9 outputs to be patched to one another, whilst allowing for passive splitting of one input to several outputs and averaging summation of several inputs to one output (or more).

Each component of the matrix has been designed to use standard parts – the pins are 2mm banana test plugs and all cards of the matrix are easily replaceable. The matrix is available as both passive and active units, and passive versions can easily be upgraded to the active model by adding the MTX9A card. The MTX9 is supplied with a dry-wipe marker and 10 banana pins as standard, with spares available from FSS.

Price: 119 GBP


Modular Grid:

Something Modular V-Meter

Enhance your modular synthesis experience with the V-METER, a cutting-edge stereo LED voltage meter designed for Eurorack synthesizers.

This module offers a sleek solution to monitor signal voltages across two channels, providing essential insights into your audio and modulation sources. Precision and convenience unite in this essential Eurorack addition.

The V-METER comes equipped with two independent channels, each equipped with both input and output ports, allowing you to simultaneously monitor the voltage of two separate signals while minimizing cable clutter.

It features a high input impedance to maintain signal integrity without coloring the sound. Covering a broad spectrum, the LED display spans from -7V to +7V, with individual LEDs representing each volt. Quickly identify peaks, troughs, and modulation intensity for both channels.

Price: $128.00


Modular Grid:

NOH Modular Pianist

The NOH Modular Pianist is a voiced chord sequencer. It outputs 8 v/oct signals with dynamic and dependent chord voicings for coherent progressions. The module has an internal clock but can be externally clocked. The sequencer is controlled with a directional joystick, an OLED screen, and has live capabilities with multi-function gate inputs.

The module also has alternative modes to make it compatible with Chord v2 (Qu-Bit Electronix) and Plaits (Mutable Instruments) in their chord modes!

Price: $445


Modular Grid:

Synthetic Sound Labs RockDrum1

6 Voice, fully polyphonic “Lo-Fi” digital sample player drumkit

The RockDrum-1 contains 6 wonderfully crunchy, fully polyphonic “Lo-Fi” digital drumkit samples in just 12 HP. Samples include: Bass, Snare, Closed High Hat, Tom, Short Ride Cymbal, and (of course) Cowbell.

It has separate trigger inputs and audio outputs for each of its 6 voices, and individual level controls to a convenient mixer output. Separate tune controls can change playback rates all the way down to crunchy and zero – including reverse playback.

Price: $199.00


Modular Grid:

Infrasonic Audio Warp Core + WCEX Expander

Warp Core

Warp core is a phase distortion stereo oscillator. The PD engine offers 8 different continuously variable algorithms assignable to two slots routed in series for a total of 64 possible combinationis. It also offers Phase Modulation with pre or post distortion via an internal sine mod oscillator with configurable frequency ration relative to the main oscillator. There is also two configurable “thickness” parameters which reinforce the fundamental and/or sub-octave of the oscillator output to provide a slight detuning on the 90 deg output for a thicker stereo or unison sound.

WCEX Expander

Warp Core EG/VCA Expander (4HP) converts the oscillator into a full stereo voice by adding a controllable ADSR (shared decay/release) and an internal digital VCA. You can unpatch the Gate and the Warp Core will behave as normal.

Price: Warp Core $375, Expander $95


Modular Grid: and

Dtronics DT-1000

A hardware controller for Roland D-50 (D-550, and Boutique D-05). It features access to almost every parameter of the D-05 with 10 buttons and 56 pots in a robust metal housing. MIDI I/O and USB.

Price: 399 Euro


Price Watch

Find below images and links to the items we showed for the price watch segment.

Roland SH-101 Black and Gold
Linndrum LM1
E-Licktronic Nava 909 Drum Machine
TINRS Synton Fenix IV
EMS Sequencer 32

Name That Synth

No name that synth this week – send one in!

If you are after more information about Name that Synth – please check out this page here.

Saturday Sonority

This week’s Saturday Sonority we might talking about albums that influenced us.