Synth Geekery 242 – 5th Birthday!

In episode 242 we talked about our 5th birthday – yep we started streaming live every week exactly 5 years ago to the day – plus we’re chatting about synths, eurorack, sequencers, drum machines, samplers, effects and software! Plus all the usual segments! Funny Side, News from the Geekery, Price Watch, Name that Synth …

Show contents:

About the Synth Geekery Show

Synth Geekery is a weekly podcast/live stream (YouTube) show about everything synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, sequencers, eurorack and music technology. We take the “one of the masses” viewpoint, where we are also users of gear just like you (read: we’re not influenced by commercial product placement).

The show relies on the generous contributions of the synth community. You can contribute in many ways including supporting us via our YouTube Channel Membership or Patreon. We also have regular and special video guests: if you would like to take part in future shows – please contact me via email on the about page here.

Your Host

Ranzee (Ranz Adamson) is your show host. He’s based in Perth, Western Australia and has been a hobbyist musician and technologist for most of his life. More information can be found about him here.




This week’s video guests are:

Daren T. Housse

Bandcamp Link:


Daren resides in the UK and is one of the first video guests on the show since 2019. He has a large amount of tracks on his youtube channel plus a great album collection over on BandCamp.


Andy is a musician and technologist from the bay area in California. He has an amazing collection of music tech gadgets and a large knowledge of synthesizers.


Ian J. Cole

Ian is a musician, composer, sound designer and producer currently producing solo ambient electronic music. He also runs Sinners Music which is a Record Company and Online Music Retailer in East Yorkshire, England


Chris – Maikshifter

Chris is a musician and technologist from Perth, Western Australia. He’s always had a love for creating and tinkering with music electronics and has recently embarked on a new journey creating eurorack modules.


Video replay

Funny Side

The funny side segment is a collection of memes that are somewhat relevant to the synth geekery community. Some of these images are taken from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sources. Please respect the creators. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection:


ALM Cizzle

The ‘CIZZLE’ is a dual digital ‘phase distortion’ VCO inspired by the classic Casio ‘CZ’ series synthesizers. It brings the specifics of ‘CZ’ style phase distortion (PD) synthesis into Eurorack with the inclusion of primary and secondary oscillator layering and detuning (with up to 8 voice chord generation), extended morphable PD wave generation algorithms, unique resonance wave generation, plus specific ‘end of chain’ ring modulation and noise modes that are key to the CZ sound.

The voices also feature built in VCAs and various modulation controls and inputs, a cv-able chord mode, tracking ability, triggered mode switching and can be output independently or mixed with stereo widening.


  • Dual phase distortion VCO with direct and voltage controlled parameters.
  • Easy, quick and accurate tuning via an encoder control.
  • 9 morphing phase distortion ‘Algorithms’ (Osc A) with direct and CV control.
  • PD Offset ‘Shape’ with direct and CV control.
  • Unique CZ resonance waveform (Osc B) with direct and CV control.
  • Multiple Osc B modes; Rez, Ring Mod, and Noise based on classic CZ synthesis.
  • Mode switchable via direct and trigger control.
  • Optional Osc B frequency tracking of Osc A with offset.
  • Voltage controlled chord mode with inversion and up to 8 voices.
  • Dedicated oscillator output level VCAs.
  • Separate dual or mixed outputs with stereo widening effect.
  • 16 HP module

Price: 349


Modular Grid:

Frequency Central Gnatophilidae Oxfordii

The Gnatophilidae Oxfodii is an expanded Gnat VCF based on the EDP Gnat synthesizer. It comes with Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Notch Reject responses as well as Drive and Clip options. The LFO is based on the ‘Enhance LFO’ from the Gnat, again its been expanded with multiple waveshape options. The original Gnat VCF used 3 gates from a CD4049, leaving 3 unused gates, so this gave an opportunity to use them to create an LFO based on the enhance LFO of the Gnat, which was used exclusively for a fixed rate PWM of the Gnat’s DCO. The LFO is expanded to offer multiple waveforms. The module also has it’s own onboard +/-5V power rails – which keeps the circuit behaving like the original.


  • VCF with Frequency and Resonance controls
  • Drive circuit for VCF
  • Filter options LP, BP, HP and Notch
  • 2 CV controls
  • LFO with frequence and variable waveform shape
  • Outputs for LFO for Saw, Triangle and Ramp, plus output for Pulse1, Square and Pulse2
  • 2 Filter inputs
  • 3 CV inputs
  • 1 Output
  • 20 HP module (required for the circuit to fit)

Price: 263


Modular Grid:

Glasgow Synth Guild Oct Tone

The Oct tone is an 8-step CV and pulse signal generator that is rich with musical possibilities. With its quantised and unquantised functionality, pulse count assignments, and linkable capabilities, this sequencer was made with tonality, rhythm, and performance in mind.

Option to connect a 2nd Oct Tone for 16 steps.


  • 8-step control voltage and pulse signal sequencer with definable step count
  • 6 preset quantised scales and unquantised stepped voltage
  • Classic, Pulse Count, and Tune Modes
  • 10 HP module

Price: £260


Modular Grid:

Omnitone Melodi

No more time spent fidgeting with sequence steps, Melodi generates sequences based on the mood you set so you can create the sound you’re searching for—It can be tweaked to create anything from a powerful bassline to a sparkly melody.


  • Generate – ability to generate new sequences with trigger in
  • Cycle – On/Off determines if the sequence will loop or retriggers – with trigger in
  • Tune – with adjustable parameters – allows the sequence to be adjusted with 8 settings including skip, pluck, tie, trend, scale, range, length and speed.
  • Output – with gate and pitch connections
  • Clock – with select, in and out options
  • 8HP module

Price: $133 USD


Modular Grid:

MIDI 2.0 CI MPE Profile

The MIDI-CI Profile for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) specification makes it possible for artists to perform independent gestures for each musical note, with up to three dimensions of expression. With MPE, every note a musician plays can be articulated individually for much greater expressiveness. MPE has broad support from many DAWs, Synthesizers and Controllers.

The specification describes a recommended way of using individual MIDI Channels in MIDI 1.0 and/or MIDI 2.0 to achieve per-note control, enabling richer communication between increasingly expressive MIDI hardware and software.

Price: Free


SampleScience Super Lynn Drums

The SampleScience Super Lynn Drums is a plugin/VST instrument inspired by the Linndrum. This also includes the LM1, LM2 and Linn 9000.


  • A classic 80s drum machine sound recreated with modern tools
  • 4 new 80s-style drum kits
  • 5 variations for a total of 20 drum kits
  • Distortion, delay, and reverb effects
  • A sub-oscillator for thick drums
  • Vinyl and tape layer effects for that organic sound
  • Each drum can be tuned and sent to its own output
  • Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for Windows and macOS

Price: $20 USD


Price Watch

Find below images and links to the items we showed for the price watch segment.

Viscount UFO 61 – Organ
Yamaha FS1R FM Tone Generator
Sequential Six Trak
Roland System 100m
Roland SH-5
Roland System 100

Name That Synth

No name that synth this week – send one in!

If you are after more information about Name that Synth – please check out this page here.

Saturday Sonority

This week’s Saturday Sonority we might talking about …..