The latest offering from Yamaha, the SEQTRAK is a groove box style music production system. It’s been a while since we’ve seen groove boxes from Yamaha – was the last the RS7000?

Personally, I’ve always like the RM1X and the 200 series (AN-200, DX200 and SU200)

Yamaha AN200
Yamaha AN200 – pic taken 27-Mar-2016

SEQTRAK Features

It features 11 tracks – 7 Drums, 1 x FM Synth, 2 x WMS2 Synth, and 1 x Sampler Plus Effects and Mixer/Performance features. It is a mobile device with built-in speakers, plus a rechargable battery which lastes 3-4 hours.


There are extensive sounds with samples, 4 Operator FM synth and huge AWM2 sounds with over 2000 presets (392 can be added via the App). Plus there’s an inbuilt sampler with microphone. You can also record via the audio input at 44.1/16-bit format.


The inbuilt sequencer enables you to create 11 tracks 8 bars of up to 128 steps which can be arranged into patterns, remixes and performance play – up to 8 projects (via the App).


Built-in FX include 12 types of Reverb, 9 types of Delay, plus 85 types of Master FX including EQ, Filters for each track.

Companion App

There’s a companion App which features a range of sound editing, sample manipulation, library and also has a visualizer.


Connect to the SEQTRAK via Bluetooth MIDI, Wifi for file transfers, MIDI I/O, USB-C and AUX connections. Maximum polyphony AWM2: 128 and FM: 8.


It does have some similarities to Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-Z – thoughts?

Price: $599 USD

Link: https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/music_production/music-production-studios/seqtrak/index.html