Behringer Pro-800

This page provides information, history, tips & tricks and a live manual for the Behringer Pro-800 polyphonic synthesizer. This document has been contributed by JX3D, Maikshifter and Ranzee.

Table of contents:


Sequential Pro-600

GliGli Mod

Behringer Clone


Firmware Update

SynthTribe Settings

Editors and development


The Behringer Pro-800 is a recreation of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer and uses the 2013-2015 GliGli firmware enhancements.

17th Sep 2020 Behringer first announced a prototype via facebook.

We talked about it on Synth Geekery #83 here.

December 2022 they announced production – more info on episode 188 for Synth Geekery here.

April 2023 they started shipping.

Firmware 1.2.6

June 2023 they announced a firmware update 1.2.6:

  • enhanced and “snappier” envelope speed
  • implemented a Soft Thru On/Off setting, accessible through the Settings Menu Button 1. This allows users to control the Soft Thru functionality, enabling or disabling as needed.
  • added a Local On/Off setting to the Settings Menu Button 1. This feature enables users to determine whether the device responds to local MIDI input or not.
  • fixed issue with failure to recognize VR maximum position during power up
  • resolved USB/MIDI synchronization issue, PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note) is set to 24.
  • addressed problem with notes getting stuck during envelope (ENV) shape changes.

Firmware 1.2.7

July 2023 they announced firmware update 1.2.7:


  • Increased VCF ENV AMOUNT range
  • Increased LFO to VCF modulation range
  • Poly AT reimplemented and improved
  • Increased range on POLY MODE – FIL ENV
  • Added a LPF to the Aftertouch function to smoothen the response and make it more musical


  • Reduced Settings save timer from 47 to 3 sec. which solves all issues related to settings not being stored after a power cycling
  • Resolved ARP UP-DN issue when only one key is pressed
  • Improved LFO target: resolved Ab, A and b settings
  • Resolved CC=59, LFO target for Ab, A and b which was related to an issue where LFO target was not working when connected to a DAW
  • Resolved voice assign issue to the same note, related to some Yamaha piano instruments

Sequential Pro-600

The Sequential Prophet-600 was released in 1982 and boasted 6 voices and a very early implementation of MIDI. It boasted the following specifications:

Polyphony – 6 Voices

Oscillators – VCO A saw / pulse / tri; VCO B saw / pulse / tri / PW

LFO – pulse / tri

Filter – cutoff / res / env / kybd


Keyboard – 61 keys

Arpeg/Seq – Sequencer: 2-track, real-time only; Arpeggiator: up, down, up/down

Control – MIDI

GliGli Mod

The CPU firmware update offered by the GliGli mod provided some well needed enhancements to the P600.

More information here:,, and

Behringer Clone

Link to Behringer’s Pro-800 page:

Behringer have added their own design and engineering to produce the final Pro-800 product. This includes their familiar desktop module format which is removable and can be fitted to a eurorack/modular case with supplied power cable ribbon. In addition there are two CV inputs for SYNC IN and Filter CV IN. Furthermore there’s MIDI DIN and USB connectivity with a fairly extensive MIDI implementation (** Info to follow below **).

The synthesizer can also be updated and some settings can be adjusted via the SynthTribe application using the supplied USB cable.


Number of voices8
Type of oscillators2 x 3340 per voice
Oscillators16 (32.70 Hz to 8372.02 Hz across 4 ranges)
LFO1 (0.08 Hz to 20 Hz)
VCF1 x 4-pole low pass (24 dB/oct. slope)
EnvelopesVCF, VCA
Output¼” TS, unbalanced, max. +5.0 dBu
Audio out1/8″ TS, unbalanced, max. +20.0 dBu
Footswitch¼” TS, unbalanced
Headphones1/8″ TRS, unbalanced, max. 7.5 mW @ 32 Ohm
Headphones output impedance8 Ω
MIDI In Out/Thru2 x 5-pin DIN/ 16 channels
USB (MIDI)USB 2.0, type B
Sync inTS 3.5 mm 1PPS, 2PPQ, 24PPQ, 48PPQ
Fliter CV INTS 3.5 mm 0 V to +10 V

User Manual

A copy of the original Behringer User Manual (quick start guide) and a simple guide for daily tasks (includes things not mentioned in the original guide, like how to erase a sequence, how to make rest and ties in sequences, etc.). The Simple guide is in english only.

Behringers original Quick Start Guide

Behringer PRO-800 – JX3Ds Simple Guide – 2023-07-20

Firmware update procedure

The Pro-800 firmware can be updated via the SynthTribe application (downloadable from the Behringer website). Connect up the Pro-800 to the power and connect the USB cable to your computer. Turn on the PRO-800 and launch the SynthTribe application. You should see this:

Click the Get Started link. It should show that a firmware is available like below:

Click the OK button and proceed to the Update tab on the left. Then start the firmware update.

The actual module shows the following:

Do not disconnect the power or the USB cable during this update. It does take a few minutes. In my experience it took around 12 minutes.

Once the firmware has completed it will show you this message. The Pro-800 module will automatically restart.

Click OK and check the Update tab to ensure it shows Current Version “Up to date”:

SynthTribe Settings

Connecting the Pro-800 to your computer via USB and launching the SynthTribe application provides the following settings that can be tweaked:







This free online Web/MIDI editor is also a patch librarian:

Further development

Head on over to Github where they’ve been busy decoding the Sysex: