Synth Geekery 208

In episode 208 we talked about Behringer Pro-800 and Edge – plus some new products! Plus all the usual segments! Funny Side, News from the Geekery, Price Watch, Name that Synth …

Show contents:


This week’s video guests are:

Daren T. Housse

Bandcamp Link:


Daren resides in the UK and is one of the first video guests on the show since 2019. He has a large amount of tracks on his youtube channel plus a great album collection over on BandCamp.

Andrew Brooks

Main link

BandCamp link:

Andy resides in the UK and has been a regular member of the show since 2020. He has performed live and offers a wealth of knowledge for live electronic music setups and small studio configurations.


Andy is a musician and technologist from the bay area in California. He has an amazing collection of music tech gadgets and a large knowledge of synthesizers.


Ian J. Cole

Ian is a musician, composer, sound designer and producer currently producing solo ambient electronic music. He also runs Sinners Music which is a Record Company and Online Music Retailer in East Yorkshire, England


Video replay

Funny Side

The funny side segment is a collection of memes that are somewhat relevant to the synth geekery community. Some of these images are taken from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sources. Please respect the creators. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection:


Expert Sleepers Aloysius

A new analog envelope generator, trapezoid/function generator from Expert Sleepers.

Price: £179

Link: and Modular Grid link:

Behringer 2-XM

2 voice SEM (Oberheim clone) with matrix for each voice.

Behringer PolySource

Prototype drawing from one of Behringer’s engineers for a polyphonic version of a Moog Source. The same engineer that was on the Pro-800 project.

Behringer Idea: BX-700

Another facebook post from Behringer talking about the possibility of releasing this prototype. The BX700 is a mix between a DX7, CS-80 filter and a drum machine.