Forge TME Vhikk X

Vhikk X is an experimental stereo synth voice/fx processor. What seems to be more about sending sounds into an FX engine and mangling the delay times and feedback to create interesting drone-like timbres. The wavetable digital synth engine offers complex drones/basses, rich textures, and dynamic sfx. It combines sound generation and effects processing into one module with multiple different algorithms.

Forge TME says it is a mult-algorithm experimental synth workshop. There are 4 banks of 9 algorithms (total of 36) accessed by using combinations of the two toggle switches.

It looks to be a progression in development from the VhiKK V1 released in 2021. Which was essentially a wavetable synth voice with filter and delay FX.

The VHIKK X adds these new features:

  • 24bit I/O
  • stereo inputs for audio processing
  • VCA input for amplitude shaping without requiring an external stereo VCA
  • Continuous control of input/output volumes with soft clipping and lots of gain on tap to drive next-in-chain modules and boost lower level input signals. [can also take line level in and produce line level out]

The Vhikk X has improved signal path which allows for expansion into cleaner and more dynamic sonic territory, while still providing means to twist and crush itself into dirty saturated mayhem. There have also been stereo imaging improvements, with algorithm tweaks to run in true stereo end-to-end.

Firmware updates are done via the USB-C port on the side, supporting USB Mass Storage drag and drop using a UF2 bootloader.

A great module for those who are after a self-contained generator of droney-mangled synthey FX sounds.

24 HP (24mm deep).

Price: $500 USD