Mailbag #2 – Ranzoon | Voltage Block | Batsumi | Pico Drums

It’s back – with some more goodies that came in during the week. Video contents: 0:00 Intro 0:28 R0DE Wireless Go 8:17 Ranzoon (Rings) 10:06 Ranzoon Demo 16:29 Modules Galore! 17:00 Voltage Block 19:48 Pico Drum1 21:29 Pico Drum 2 23:03 Batsumi + Poti 27:39 Voltage Block Demo 31:58 Batsumi Drums Drum2 Demo If anyone wants to send things in for the mailbag segment – here’s the address: Ranzee Mailbag PO Box 1424 OSBORNE PARK WA 6916 AUSTRALIA A few rules before sending things to me: 1. I won’t be able to send anything back (unless it is authorised by me and pre-arranged). 2. Only send music-tech related items. 3. Commercial products are permitted. However there is no guarantee I’ll show your product, and it will have no returns nor will it have specific rules on what I show or say. Best to email me first: 4. There is no time restriction on when I may show this. 5. Do send candy. 6. I will not pay for the item nor the freight.