Oxygene Part I

[soundcloud id=’182236389′ color=’#ff7700′]

Trying out my new Waldorf Streichfett, I wanted to see what it sounded like through my Small Stone phaser pedal – this is the result.

A quick funny story: When I purchased this, I walked into the music store and asked the guy at the counter for some Sloppy Fat – he looked at me strangely and responded – do you want fries with that! (Streichfett literally translates to sloppy fat in German)

Gear List:

  • Waldorf Streichfett
  • Arturia Minibrute for the blips and squeaks
  • Small Stone phase pedal (EHX)
  • Roland System-1 (SH-2 Plugout) for Bass
  • Korg M3 for the sequenced strings (wish the Streichfett had some more tools like envelopes etc).
  • Oh and I almost forgot – Novation Bass Station II for that metallic/brass lead sound (so similar to an Arp it isn’t funny)