Akai MPC XL Leak

The topic of the next MPC version 3 has been floating around and debated for a while now. The new MPC XL code name AVC5S has been discovered (in Dec 22) via hacking the firmware of the MPC Live. More recently there has been some leaked images that have come via this video:

These images were leaked via the MPC Gang on Facebook:

Along with some specs:

Looking at the photos the design seems to be using a more retro Akai MPC style with the white/cream/gray paint setup. The button layout seems to be similar if not the same as the current MPC X. However, it seems there is a network interface port on the rear of the device.

These photograhs were taken from this PDF:

So is this the new MPC XL? or is it just an old concept? You be the sleuth and decide!