Behringer Spice

Behringer have announced the Spice. Pictured above is the prototype/beta for testing. The Spice is a clone of the Moog Subharmonicon and features a similar set of controls and connections.

The setup has 2 VCOs with Sub 1 & 2 Frequencies , Shape switch, VCF Low Pass with Frequency & Resonance controls, 2 EGs with VCA and VCF controls. The Sub frequencies work with the principle of Trautonium and give an overall undertone. The frequencies are determined mathematically from the 2 VCOs with quantization option.

There’s also a Sequencer with 2 inbuilt sequencer lanes containing 4 step controls and 4 rhythm controls. There’s also a 32-connection CV matrix at the top with many features similar to the other models. Finally, there’s USB and MIDI din connectivity.

This is in addition to the line up of Crave and Edge. This completes the trio of the Moog Mother32, DFAM and Subharmonicon clones.

Price: $249 USD