Cosmos Quencer

The Cosmos Quencer looks to be a fun sequencer module. There’s not a great deal of information released – so we’ll just guess that it’s a single channel sequencer – but with a lot of great features and looks like a tonne of fun.

The 12 HP module features:

  • inputs: CLK (clock), RST (reset), GATE (gate modulation), MOD (parameter modulation), CV (modulation)
  • outputs: GATE (sequencer 5v), OSC (oscillator), CV (sequencer -2v to 8v), CLK (clock), RST (reset)
  • buttons: Gate mode, CV mode, Center, Mod, RAND, Func (sub-parameters), Tap, Start, Lock (parameter lock)
  • Knobs: Param (8 circularly arranged parameter settings)
  • Touch pad with 8 circularly arrangled touchpads – used for switching scenes
  • Parameter lock feature
  • Save/Load parameters

Interesting is the touch surface where there are a number of options such as fill, rotation, shift and more – all with sub-parameters. The Parameter Lock feature enables you to lock each parameter. You can toggle the lock status by pressing the lock button while touching the touchpad corresponding to each parameter. They are indicated by coloured LEDs (Yellow: positive, Purple: negative direction). These can be saved (and have auto save), and loaded back when needed. I couldn’t find how much storage this has.

From the website:

Cosmos Quencer is a phrase generation sequencer specifically designed for real-time performance.

Based on the experiments with the previous C Quencer series, it has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be easier to handle and capable of generating a more diverse range of phrases during live performances.

There is no need to prepare sequence data in advance to perform music. Just like an improvised jazz performance, simply choose a scale and play the sequence as you desire.

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Price: $299

Link: and modular grid: and user manual: