Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0

ASM have announced the new firmware 2.0 for Hydrasynth owners. with the following quick summary:

  • more memory – all get 8 banks of patch storage
  • some of the new performance features:
    • sustain pedal with sostenuto mode and mod only mode
    • mod strip/wheel vibrato has greater resolution and a new glissando option
    • ARP range increased to 6 octaves and can be offset fwd/back up to 32 steps
    • new voice mod options – for mod matrix
    • one shot lfo’s (3rd option for step triggers)

Watch our discussion on the Hydrasynth Firmware 2.0 on Synth Geekery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMrKhIKvY9c&t=5220s

Also check out Glenn from ASM talk about the new features:

Price: FREE

Link: https://www.ashunsoundmachines.com/post/hydrasynth-2-0-os-now-available