Waldorf M 16 Voice

The new Waldorf M 16 offers the same features as the original except double the voices – to 16. It’s four-part multi-timbral wavetable synthesizer with two oscillators per voice and analog filter and analog VCA per voice.

Watch our discussion on the Waldorf M16 on Synth Geekery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMrKhIKvY9c&t=5820s

For existing Waldorf M owners – you can also purchase the expansion module to upgrade your synth to a “16”. According to Waldorf it is a fairly simple upgrade procedure by simply installing the voice card module onto the mainboard. This option only costs €699 – and maybe a great way to get the product.

For existing Waldorf M owners – you can purchase an expansion module here: https://waldorfmusic.com/produkt/m-voice-expansion-v0-6/

Price: €2308 (original 8 voice is £1499) or €699 for expansion module for existing M owners.

Link: https://waldorfmusic.com/produkt/waldorf-m-16voice/