Feedback Modules Bus System

Feedback have introduced a new passive bus CV routing system for eurorack modular synth setups. There are 3 modules available which allow for plumbing and connectivity to switching.

Bus 1 is used to route, Bus 2 is used to bridge from and to and Bus 3 is the routing switch. If you combine these in different ways – they can provide some interesting results. The system provides to ability to route connectivity from around your skiff or even to another skiff. This can be handy to keeping connections tidy and provides switching capabilites to both CV and audio signals.

Bus 3 can connect up to 3 routing destinations – and this is expandable if you link multiple Bus 3 modules (shown above).

Short and long ribbon cables are available for €5.00 and €7.00 respectively.

Price: €29.00 for Bus 1 and €39.00 for Bus 2 and Bus 3


The modules were discussed on this episode of Synth Geekery:

 –> around the 2:08:48 time mark