Intellijel Audio I/O (2023)

The 2023 version of Audio I/O by Intellijel has been announced. It is a dual stereo balanced line level audio interface. The dual balanced ins and outs are handy for the studio or gigging. The module brings your eurorack setup to a balanced line level setup where you can send and return pedals or desktop FX units and patch in and out of your DAW, external synths, drum machines and other line-level instruments and devices.

It offer +4dBu with TRS jacks at the top of the panel. The rear-mounted 3-pin CHAIN IN connecter allows you to sum (in parallel) other audio sources from Eurorack level to the BAL LINE OUTPUTS.

The main difference between the old and 2023 version is the connectors are now at the top of the module. They state in a Facebook post they have redesigned the module to use an analog meter and also put the 3 pin chain in/out connector on the back. I would have like for Intellijel to keep the options for both – perhaps you can still order the old version?

The following video shows the original module in action:


  • 2 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ to Eurorack modular level input paths
  • 2 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output paths
  • 4 x six stage analog led VU meter to monitor all inputs and outputs simultaneously
  • Input path has up to 20 dB of gain, which allows you to patch in low-level consumer level signals and boost them.
  • Output path steps a nominal Eurorack level (10 Vpp) down to +4 dBu  with up to +6 dB gain
  • 3pin CHAIN IN connector
  • 3-pin CHAIN OUT connector

Price: $259


Modular Grid: