Ryk Modular M175 – Vactoral Resonator – System 100M

Ryk Modular M175 – Triple dual vactoral Resonator

The latest module for the famouse Roland System-100m modular synthesizer from Ryk Modular – the M175 – a triple vactoral resonator.

The module features 3 dual vactoral control resonator channels. Each channel has a normalised audio input, and summed to a mix out. Each channel also has individual output. There are slider attenuators for both inputs per channel, knobs for frequency and resonance, attenuators for modulation control and 2 mod inputs.

Watch our discussion on the RYK Modular 175 on Synth Geekery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMrKhIKvY9c&t=6420s


  • Three Vactrol controlled Band Pass Filters arranged in normalised parallel, or can be used as three separate filters.
  • Audio input signal is normalised to all three resonators, but can be overridden by inserting a jack into the resonators 1st inputs allow them to be used separately.
  • A mix output is available that sums the output of all three resonators, by inserting a jack into a resonators individual output overrides its output from the mix output.
  • Keyboard CV is supplied via the standard System 100m DIN connector, to the 1st modulation input of each resonator.
  • The 2nd input of the first resonator is normalised to each of the other two resonators
  • Authentic high quality reproduction of Roland System 100m panel, with 100m grey paint finish and 70’s off white screen print.

Price: £595

Link: https://rykmodular.bigcartel.com/product/m175-triple-resonator