Weston Precision Audio H1 Analog Harmonizer

Weston have release their new eurorack module – the H1. The Analog Harmonizer is designed to make it easy to add harmonic layers or basic polyphony to your modular patches. The 18HP module has connections for Oscillator in and a replicated set of A & B outputs for CV, Trigger, Triangle, Saw and Square waves. There’s also a mix output which contains a combination of Osc In and a mix of channels A+B – using the 4 knobs to control their levels.

The controls across the top provide functionality and the 12 buttons double up as a chromatic octave.

Creating Harmonies

You can use it by patching the output of a VCO to the “osc in” input and letting the H1 derive 2 notes that are related to the pitch of that oscillator (ie a 3rd and 5th to form a major triad).

Dual Quantizer

However, H1 can also be used as a dual quantizer, a frequency-to-voltage converter, or simply as 2 analog VCOs. The choice is yours.


The H1 has other uses such as frequency doubler/multiplier, drone oscillator, frequency-to-voltage converter and tuner.


  • Many ways to use: Chord generation, quantizer, frequency doubler/multiplier, drone oscillator, frequency-to-voltage converter, tuner…
  • Fast and precise frequency tracking from external oscillator
  • 2 stable analog oscillators with digital control
  • Mixer output for reducing cable clutter with -9db pad option
  • True analog through-zero FM on both oscillators
  • 18HP module size, 25mm Deep
  • Power 200mA +12V / 85mA -12V

Some thoughts:

There is a lack of labelling on some of the buttons, and you’ll have to consult the user manual to remember what they’re for. It might be worth screen printing “Option” on the button underneath Display as it is such a significant button in the module’s functionality (even though there is a circle around it).

Price: $415

Link: https://westonaudio.com/h1.html and ModularGrid: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/weston-precision-audio-h1-analog-harmonizer